LYFT Is Lifting…Kinda

Today I want to talk about LYFT. A supposedly beloved IPO that has fallen hard since the IPO date, investors are very gunshy about trying to buy into the stock. With news of what the valuation of the company should be, it caused investors to panic out of their trades and holdings of the company. Yet, the stock IPO date took place so recently, it makes almost no sense how this company can fall from grace so quickly. To me, I see a ton of value just from a price point on where they were a week or two ago. It is too new to make any judgments and I think the stock is due for a turnaround. We got into a low risk/high reward scenario in the room. It looks to have found a temporary floor and now might be the time to see a nice rebound. I will gladly take a 20% move LYFT.