Long-Term Trump

The overt hate of the Political Class for Trump guarantees his re-election in 2020.

The Political Class is comprised of career politicians, their benefactors, and operational soldiers (corrupt lawyers, bankers, executives, news / entertainment media, and academia) executing their game plan of deception, manipulation, and exploitation.

The Political Class hates Trump because he knows their game plan better than they do and he is beating them like a drum. Despite weaponizing the FBI, CIA, NSA, State Department, IRS, and FISA Court to frame him; and the best efforts of political leaders (both domestic and foreign), aligned media and celebrities to smear him, Trump has prevailed. Declassification will shock the electorate as they become aware of the scope and depth of corruption.

Nationalists / Populists freeing Europe of Globalist Control 10 days ago in the EU Parliament Elections is a deafening endorsement for Trump’s policies. America’s economic strength, and infancy of sustainable growth are underpinned by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, fairer trade, energy independence, foreign policy demanding more responsibility from allies and accountability of enemies, and high transparency for border security and immigration reform. Leaving China with zero leverage to demand favored trade; and Mexico no choice than to become a highly motivated partner working to end illegal immigration.

Immigration is now the biggest concern of voters; yet the Democratic led House of Representatives just voted on legislation protecting criminal illegal immigrants from arrest. Unless the Democrats do a 180 on immigration by Labor Day, the Republicans will regain control of the House and extend their majority in the Senate.

On the bright side, new polling (Harris /Harvard) now shows a majority of Americans want to see Roe either modified or struck down.  America First is putting Life First! Unfortunately you will not see the Aligned Media reporting on rising consciousness for the unspeakable acts done to the innocent and defenseless in the womb.

Consider the economic gains in just over 2 years with the deck stacked against Trump. Imagine what will happen over the better part of the next 6 years when the pure evil working against him is gone! The trash will be at the curb by the 4th of July and disposed of in full public view.

Please take the time to filter through the noise. Dig to secure clarity; and trust your reasoning. The Aligned Media has been lying on a scale that will boil blood once known. Trump hating celebrities and political leaders have been their equal.

If you are still having trouble sorting it out, then ask yourself why there is so much hate by the Political Class for a President who has done so much good? To those who call him a criminal, what are his crimes? His top priority (and job description) is the security of the United States. Why is Congress working so hard against his efforts to execute his Constitutional Duties?  The answer is he has exposed their evil and is exorcising it.