Libertarian leaves county race; replacement planned

May 17–BLOOMINGTON — The Libertarian Party is swapping candidates in McLean County’s 9th district for the Nov. 6 election.

Richard Bennett has dropped out of the race after moving out of the district, but the party plans to slate a replacement candidate, said County Chairman Steve Suess.

Republican Jeremy Bradley and Democrat David Parker also are vying to represent the district that includes several parts of Bloomington, on the county board.

Democrat Erik Rankin announced this spring he would vacate the seat to pursue the county Democratic party chairmanship, which he won in April. Republican Susan Schafer also represents the district, but is not on the ballot.

Bennett, a sales consultant for Sprint and a McLean County native, said in a release he’s sad to leave the race, but hopes to run for office again in the future. He moved to District 8, where Suess is running against Democrat Shayna Watchinski.

Bennett was one of seven Libertarians to file for county office in this year’s election. The other six remain on the ballot, and Suess said the party plans to slate candidates in other races as well. The deadline for parties to slate candidates is June 4.

County elected officials face an unusually tough road in November’s election after Democrats rallied in response to the election of Republican President Donald Trump and the Libertarian Party gained easier ballot access thanks to a strong local showing for 2016 presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

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