LGC Capital’s Cannabis-Inspired Beer Old Boy Mary Jane Launches in United Kingdom

Cannabis-inspired and infused drinks are holding their position in headlines, as companies look to capitalize on the growing trend for the beverages.

The craft beer movement is not just in North America, it is a global phenomenon, including in London, England, where CLV Frontier Brands, a joint venture between LGC Capital (TSX-V:LG)(OTCPK:LGGCF), Creso Pharma and UK-based Baltic Beer Company, have launched the first brands in the Old Boy Mary Jane beer franchise.

The three flavors that have been released made a strong showing at the Baltic Beer Star 2018 competition earlier this month. Big Egg Mountain Baltic Porter (inspired by Cheese cannabis terpenes) took home a silver medal, while bronze medals were awarded to Improper Pils (infused with Strawberry Diesel cannabis inspired terpene blend) and Ghost Boc Hazy IPA (infused with Super Lemon Haze cannabis inspired terpene blend).

The three Old Boy Mary Jane beers now have wholesalers appointed for the U.K. and have made their way into the popular London bars Zigfrid Von Underbelly and Roadtrip & Workshop.

Two of the beers, Ghost Bog Hazy IPA and Improper Pils, are now listed on drinkshop.com and Beers fo Europe websites, lending further exposure to the new brands.

A launch into Germany kicked off yesterday at BarConvent Berlin.

According to John McMullen, CEO of LGC Capital and director of CLV, the global launch of the Old Boy Mary Jane beers in London “has been very successful and the levels of interest in [the] unique beers has exceeded CLV’s original expectations.”

Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, CEO of Creso, added that the broad geographic reach of the three entities forming the JV creates opportunities for new drinks to be produced and sold globally.

Shares of LG are rising lately after bottoming at 11 cents in June, including touching 23.5 cents in trading on Friday before closing at 20 cents ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in Canada on Monday. Early in Tuesday trading, shares have edged down 2.5%, or half a Canadian penny, to 19.5 cents.

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