Letter: Support Trump On Withdrawals

By Staff Writer

Credit to the president

I would like to give President Trump credit for something if he carries through with his promise to remove 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria and reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan.

This deployment has lasted over 17 years and produced no tangible results. However this promised troop withdrawal is being attacked by some so-called progressives who now apparently have become endless war advocates. They are saying this is a sellout to Putin, Russia and Iran. Keep in mind the legitimately elected government of Syria never invited the U.S. into their country and they did invite Russian help and Iranian help. So this smacks more of regime change like in Iraq which has not worked out so well.

What exactly is our vital interest in remaining in Syria or Afghanistan, except to placate Israel, the neocons, the military industrial complex and other questionable actors? Already Trump is being put under pressure by the same groups to relent on this wise move and he may yet cave.

Although I am a critic of Trump on the border wall and other issues, I find continuing these wars to be a futile undertaking that weakens America in dollars and men and other resources as well as goodwill and trust of other nations.

– Jerry King, Longview

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