Letter: God Sent Trump? Well, He Does Work In Mysterious Ways

By Staff Writer

I miss that old Clairol line, “only your hairdresser knows for sure.” Only Mueller knows if our President has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. I won’t however miss this last two years of White House drama, turnover, chaos, Russians, Cabinet scandals, and yes, the shutdown. What a complete, self-inflicted nightmare.

If the polls are accurate, even Trump’s base is growing weary. We are living through Trump’s definition of winning and as he predicted, getting tired of it. I get into lots of discussions with Trump supporters and try to avoid allowing those discussions to affect friendships but the rationalizations I sometimes hear are: well, I can’t come up with the right adjective. There is one from my evangelical friends that insists God sent Trump to save the country to which I respond: Well, He does work in mysterious ways.

I nor anyone else knows how this drama ends but a few things we do know. No President to my knowledge has in their previous careers had the need for a fixer, had relationships with a porn star and Playboy Playmate and paid them hush money. None have ever had as their campaign chairman a known lobbyist for Russian oligarchs. None have ever turned over 60 percent of their administration in their first two years in office or misled the public 8,000 times. None have ever shut down the government to leverage funding for a pet project. We have had Watergate, Teapot Dome, and Iran Contra but never investigation of collusion with a foreign adversary.

The President has no credibility with 60 percent of the American public and the remaining 40 percent are turning a blind eye to the truth for a host of reasons, some of which they call pragmatism. Credibility is fundamental to leadership. Telling whoppers may have made our President a billionaire but explain in part why a strong economy and two conservative judges aren’t improving his approval numbers.

The national debt, the environment, trust in government and the media, national unity, foreign relations, and our standing in the world all add up to a huge price to pay for two judges and the continuation of an economy already on cruise control.

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