Letter: Conservatives ask the individual to determine his own destiny

By Hickory Daily Record

Lately, heck since he came down the escalator, I’ve been tough on President Trump from a conservative perspective. As we’ve seen since his inauguration, both power and celebrity have trumped ideology as the driving force in Republican politics. But when I see Don Baldwin pull out the tired West Wing line on what liberals did for American society it’s time to return to what brought me to these pages, the defense of conservative principles against those that would trust government over individual liberty.

As far as women’s suffrage goes it was a Republican, Aaron Sargent, who proposed the 19th Amendment, and it wasn’t until the Republicans controlled Congress in 1919 that the 19th Amendment was passed onto the states. It was a Republican president who liberated the slaves, a Republican president and Congress who fought the Democrat controlled Ku Klux Klan, and Republican votes over Democrat filibusters that passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts into law. So while Don Baldwin can copy/paste the West Wing Debate lines Jimmy Smits recited in Season 7, he misses the primary difference between a liberal and a conservative.

The heart and soul of conservatism is the libertarian faith in the individual to determine his own destiny. We fought a revolution because a monarchy 3,000 miles away sought to tax us and limit the western expansion free men and women desired. We clashed as regions, over debate whether the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution extended to all regardless of color or creed. We as conservatives opposed the New Deal and Great Society because both programs took from some to redistribute to others, while also gradually driving us as a nation to fiscal ruin. I’d argue that progressive is the better title because conservatives and classical liberals believe intrinsically in the same thing, that it is the individual that is the foundational unit of society not the government.

We need not look far for those examples of what happens when we trust government to rule over people as opposed to strictly preserving the structure set in place by our Constitution. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders may think socialism works and that Venezuela is a great place, but when it costs $1 MILLION bolivars to buy a cup of coffee you have no better example of why progressivism/liberalism is a failure, and a constitutional republic is the way to go and remain.

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