John Boehner Has Made Some New Friends Lately

CRON along with the rest of the cannabis industry has recently seen a large inflow of trading volume. This is due to John Boehner and his new found stance on cannabis. He is now a member of the Acreage Holdings board and has stated his thoughts on cannabis has evolved. That was enough to cause a massive rush of buyers and we can still see that inflow carry over the next few trading sessions. TNDM has been trending higher since earnings and had positive notes come out from analysts. Since trends tend to provide more predictability regarding trading, the reward to risk in this name was very tempting. HMNY was once a huge mover and beloved by the short term traders as the stock went from trading $2-3 per share to the highs of $38.86. It took only a month to move that astronomical amount and it has slowly unwinded from those highs back to where it started. Now news of Verizon(VZ) taking a large stake in the name has caused some euphoric buying. This is a must watch name if buyers continue to pile in. The short squeeze potential is large if sellers decide to bail Keep this on your radar for the near term.