Jackson woman turns old Airstream into rolling lounge

JACKSON – The address for Jackson Hole’s newest cocktail lounge is wherever.

As in wherever your special event is.

LuxAgogo is a vintage Airstream that Elyse Kane has transformed into a mobile bar and lounge for weddings, barbecues, fundraisers and other special events.

“I love creating spaces for people to gather in,” Kane said. In a community with many outdoor event spaces that don’t have amenities, “it just fills a niche.”

Last week, she showed LuxAgogo to people in the events business during an open house at Canvas Unlimited, a party tent supplier.

“I am just so thrilled right now,” Kane said.

Part of the thrill is that she already has booked a number of weddings, a segment she estimates will make up about 50 or 60 percent of her business. The other part is being able to finally show LuxAgogo inside and out after challenging months of finding people, parts and tools to convert the 1980 trailer.

LuxAgogo is part of her Lux Lounge fleet of mobile bars, lounges and photo booths created from vintage vehicles.

At 31 feet from bumper to pull and 28 feet on the inside it’s the big daddy of the family.

The bar area is in the center, with an 8-foot service window. It’s fitted with an ice bin, cabinets for storage, for trash and recycling and for dirty glasses and a fridge and a sink. The space is large enough for two bartenders to work side by side.

The countertops and walls have a bit of

sparkle to create a party atmosphere at night when light shines on them. Interior details also include mahogany wainscots and oak flooring.

The bar area can be closed off, or not, from the lounge spaces on either side. A lounge can be converted into a photo booth, or a photo booth can be set up outside with the Airstream as a backdrop.

The trailer has a sound system, heating, air conditioning and fans, cellphone charging plugs and an optional awning. The interior can be altered with curtains, pillow covers and wall art – corporate logos, stencils of the bride’s and grooms’ names, photos, etc. – to personalize the event. Clients can choose different LED light colors, too.

“The decor is neutral so the style can change,” Kane said. “I can accessorize the trailer to match with different color schemes and party themes.”

Renting LuxAgogo includes delivery, an attendant (not bartender) on hand at the event, cleanup and pickup. The rate starts at $2,500, but prices will vary by how much customization people want, how far away the event is and other factors.

Kane has mostly pulled back from her career as an interior designer.

She honed her Lux Lounge business concept though the Start Up Intensive, an entrepreneurship course offer by Silicon Couloir and Central Wyoming College.

“The beauty of developing a business through the Start Up Intensive,” she said “was gaining the tremendous clarity around me creating a business that I love and that is expressive of my core values, my personal values.

“Those values are freedom, creativity and community. Freedom is the mobile part. The creativity is being able to make these really beautiful spaces for people to enjoy. The community part is to offer space for people to gather in and around.”

Kane will offer a public viewing of Lux Lounge outside the Center for the Arts the afternoon of June 6, during a showcase of businesses that have grown out of the Start Up Intensive.

“It’s not easy starting a new business,” Kane said. “It’s fortunate that we have such supportive entrepreneurial community.”

This article provided by NewsEdge.