Investing Timeline And Trump Foreign Policy

What happens when the Korean War ends; Iran no longer sponsors terrorism, and there is Peace in the Middle East? The full economic, energy, and military might of the United States is making this happen.

The Korean War is set up to formally end in June with North Korea shifting from a military to value based economy.  By early August Iran will accept terms similar to North Korea. The threat/consequences of sanctions reinstated; and pressure from Russia, Germany, France, and the U.K. will see to it. Palestine and Lebanon will no longer receive a penny from Iran and become committed Peace negotiators.

China and Russia will choose transparency and economic growth over conflict with the U. S. and E.U.

E.U. leaders are receiving shock therapy as they witness how fast the transparency of U.S. intentions is changing the global landscape. Their indifference to U.S. efforts is weakening their trade and alliance status. They begrudgingly recognize how strongly the U.S. economy is positioned for explosive growth.  They realize structural adjustments must be achieved quickly and favoring Iran over the U.S. would make it impossible.

Venezuela is accelerating towards implosion. Look for the Council of Americas to step in before the end of the year to restore democracy. Maduro’s ineptitude and ignorance has made it certain. U.S. leadership will keep this initiative away from corrupting influences operating through the United Nations. The $20 – 30 conflict premium in Oil will start evaporating.

Domestically, the wild card for investors is passing a fiscally responsible 2019 Budget. The midterm elections should serve as a hammer ensuring passage. An Infrastructure Bill; and permanence of individual income tax rates can also be expected.  Immigration Reform is also possible before the end of September. Healthcare is still out there, however individual access to association type plans will be a reality before the end of summer.

If you ignore the political noise, focus on the restructuring taking place, and put your effort into understanding how and why; then you will be able to define triggers for executing your investment strategy.  Keep in mind as fairer global trade is achieved; and the power of technology more efficiently applied inflation will remain low. This will diminish the influence of the Fed and result in even greater prosperity.

2018 will go down as the most transformative year in world history.

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