InExchange: LSE, DB1, and LME in the News

DB1 executed 2.6m orders (+5% y/y) or €13.7b (-5% y/y) in structured product on the Frankfurt SE during 2018. Extended trading hours are intensively used, especially in the evenings.

LSE’s LCH reported 2018 cleared volume records of $1,077t (+23% y/y) in IR derivatives, $17t (+55% y/y) in FX, and also achieved record volumes in its equity and fixed income operations. Reported by The Trade.

HKEX: LME is offering a fee cap on position transfers related to Brexit until 30-Apr. LME Clear is working on venue equivalence with ESMA. Reported by FOW.

Bursa Malaysia expanded its trading features to enable investors to execute a greater variety of trading strategies. New features includes market order at pre-closing, on-open order, on-close order, iceberg order and one-cancel-other order.

RJ O’Brien launched OTC ag structured products using proprietary technology; according to FOW.

UK’s FCA proposed grace period for EU groups to wind down contracts with British customers, in the case of a no-deal Brexit scenario.