Indiana Senators Vote For and Against Kavanaugh

By NUVO Editors

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the newest appointee to the Supreme Court of the United States on Saturday, after one of the most contentious hearing processes and tightest votes in American history.

Indiana senators Todd Young (R) and Joe Donnelly (D) voted along party lines, Young supporting the Republican appointee and Donnelly opposing.

Sen. Todd Young said Friday he believes Dr. Christine Blasey Ford suffered “some trauma” and was the victim of misconduct.

But, Young added, “that misconduct was something Judge (Brett) Kavanaugh was in no way responsible for.”

Young said he supported Kavanaugh’s nomination because the judge is a constitutional originalist. The senator cited the 300 opinions Kavanaugh issued from the bench and said the legal reasoning in a dozen of them had been adopted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Young also said he was glad the Federal Bureau of Investigation did a supplementary investigation into Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they both were teenagers.

“Those are very serious allegations and they needed to be investigated,” Young said.

But he said the FBI’s investigation didn’t provide corroboration of Ford’s charges. Democrats and other critics have charged that the investigation, which was limited to interviewing nine people and didn’t include either Ford or Kavanaugh, was not thorough.

“It was thorough enough for me,” Young said of the FBI report.

The senator also bemoaned the partisan nature of the confirmation battle.

“I’m not proud of what has occurred in the United States Senate,” Young said. “The search for truth became a search-and-destroy mission.”

Following the vote on Saturday, Sen. Joe Donnelly released a statement explaining his “no” vote on Kavanaugh.

“The nomination process for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is often a challenging one,” said Donnelly. “That was true when President Trump last year nominated Neil Gorsuch, whom I voted for. That was also true this year with Judge Kavanaugh when there was so much partisanship and anger in the process.

“I believe the process was unfair to everyone and unnecessarily divided the country,” Donnelly continued. “Now that the Senate has confirmed Judge Kavanaugh, I am very hopeful for his success and for him to join the other justices to make decisions based on the Constitution, our laws, and their collective wisdom. Our country needs that today more than ever.”

Donnelly’s opponent in the upcoming election, Republican Mike Braun, released a statement immediately after the vote with the headline “Joe Donnelly Betrays Hoosiers” and a dig at the “Democrat media circus.”

“Voting against Judge Kavanaugh today is just the latest example of Senator Donnelly saying one thing to Hoosiers and then doing another in Washington. Instead of joining Hoosiers in supporting Kavanaugh, Senator Donnelly joined the Democrat media circus to smear and obstruct President Trump’s nominee,” said Braun.

“I am thrilled the Senate has confirmed Judge Kavanaugh, and look forward to the great work he will do to protect our Constitution on the Supreme Court.”

Donnelly and Braun meet in Northwest Indiana tonight for the first of two debates. A second will be held in Indianapolis at Newfields on Oct. 30.

This article provided by NewsEdge.