Immigrants treated much differently now than a century ago

From the turn of the 20th century and for many decades, immigration policies were as follows: Anyone immigrating to America had to be interviewed at Ellis Island and show proof of where they were from. They were also tested to see if they had a communicable disease and those who did weren’t allowed to immigrate to America. Those who did immigrate had to have a job within six weeks – no public assistance for seven years. They were required to be proficient in English within 14 months – 18 months for the elderly. Volunteers taught them English in schools at night and at churches. They were required to carry their immigration papers at all times, which included rules they were to follow – if not, they could be deported. Anyone without papers was immediately deported.

In most cases, the father would come and it could take five years for other family members to come. All members of a family were required to speak English. They could speak their native languages only in the home or church service. Any crime committed within five years resulted in immediate deportation. In most cases, all family members were also deported. Women could only bring two children during the first five years. In some cases of deportation, re-entry to America was denied.

Here are some facts from the Heritage Foundation and American Conservative Union on the cost of illegal immigration today: Over $340 billion a year goes unpaid to the IRS that is owed by illegal immigrants – mostly Latinos. More than $360 billion a year goes to illegal immigrants who aren’t entitled to it in the form of welfare, housing and food assistance. More than $35 billion a year goes to free medical assistance, which has caused many hospitals in the Southwest to be on the verge of closing. With free medical care anywhere in the U.S., 32 percent of all federal prisoners are illegal Latinos.

And Hispanic Sen. Ted Cruz said it best: “It doesn’t matter how they were brought here, if it was illegal, you’re still illegal.”

This article provided by NewsEdge.