If Hillary Clinton is the US president

By Nigerian Tribune

It was no surprise to hear Americans during the presidential elections between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton say that she was the most qualified candidate to compete for the office of president at that time.

Although women around the world do not get fair deals from men, Hillary Clinton, like Bill Clinton, knows her onions, grounded in statistics, knows where the diplomatic buttons are is well-heeled in policies, can hold her own in men’s courts is eminently qualified and has the persona to bring adversaries in congress to the discussion table for the growth of country.

Here is a woman who can talk for hours on policies without allowing herself to be hamstrung by unscrupulous politicians or to fall for the blarney of rabble-rousers. Her momentum, energy and the way she re-invigorated her campaign cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

I preferred Hillary Clinton, for the sake of the United States and the world to Donald Trump because of his Manichean view about life. Hate this and like that. The world has moved beyond such and fascism is no longer in vogue today. Thanks to Donald Trump, America is quickly becoming a fascist country.

World leaders are becoming apprehensive about Trump, no thanks to his cynicism about people elsewhere. This might not have been so with Hillary Clinton.

They worry that with him as Chief Police of the world, the world will be unsafe. Hillary Clinton understood that you can’t win a war with the establishment without burning your fingers. Trump fights the establishment daily and is burning his fingers.

While I remember, Hillary Clinton performed better than many presidential candidates from the men’s estates who went mano-a-mano against each other in the presidential elections. She didn’t quit like others but stayed gavel-to-gavel.

Lyndon Johnson secured the presidency in 1964 by defeating Barry Goldwater 486 electoral votes to 52. Richard Nixon in 1968 defeated Hubert Humphrey 301 electoral votes to 191. In 1972 Richard Nixon defeated George McGovern 520 electoral votes to 17.

In 1976 Jimmy Carter won 297 electoral votes to Gerald Ford’s 240.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan thrashed Jimmy Carter 489 electoral votes to 49. 1984 Reagan squared Walter Mondale 525 electoral votes to 13,

George Bush and Michael Dukakis jousted to Bush’s favour 426 electoral votes to 111.

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