IAC and MTCH are basically the same company. Actually, IAC owns MTCH which is also known as Match.com. They also own Vimeo, PlentyOfFish, Tinder and Angie’s list. They own more but this is good enough to list for now. So when IAC moves, MTCH does the same. Similar to how SEND used to move in sync with TWLO. Today, both these stocks are blasting off at 52-week highs. Coming off a strong earnings performance, the stocks are blasting off without fear. Since people are busier than ever with their jobs, and the dating scene is now forced to an app, it is not surprising to see growth in these companies. Love is a fickle thing. People want love more than money in most cases. That is a powerful statement and this is the number one company (IAC/MTCH) in the industry. Expect the rally to continue as long as the subscriber growth metrics sustain. I swipe right on these names. (BTW, swiping right on Tinder means you like the person).