How We Are Marginalized by Biased Reporting

The rate of change is accelerating faster than even the most informed can comprehend.  Biased reporting is overwhelming our ability to make good decisions fast enough to keep up.

For example consider how biased reporting on the Muller Investigation, has disorientated, confused, and overwhelmed. Distracting us from our own needs and opportunities for improvement. Increasing the probability we will blame instead of taking responsibility for our shortcomings.

As we become more aware of how we were deceived, manipulated, and exploited by a false narrative constructed for political gain; we are less trusting of our own judgement and of others.

As trust erodes so does the quality of interactions necessary to transfer knowledge and share information. Professional and personal growth are repressed while rapidly advancing technology is ever increasing volume and speed of information and events. Instead of improving at an accelerated rate to keep pace, we are falling further behind.

We are shamed into letting the ‘smart people’ decide for us; when the truth is we need to strengthen behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively. This is the key to developing our own filters, doing our own digging for information, trusting our own reasoning, and remaining independent from the ever increasing power of machines.

Doing brain exercises and playing brain games improve the neuroplasticity of the brain. We are able to speed up application of what we already know. Games and exercises do not strengthen behaviors minimizing risk for bias in how we perceive, comprehend, and project information. Nor do they neutralize development and performance risk defined by 3 Blind Spots: i) the difference between what we believe we know and the actual depth of our knowledge ii) how we perceive our behavior and the reality of our conduct and iii) our inability to know how our behavior is impacting the efforts of others.

The behaviors leading to better information, faster analysis, and optimized application should be on the tip of our tongues. If they were, then our decisions would stay well ahead of  events. We would consistently outperform by achieving superior awareness to best anticipate and fulfill the needs of others; and price movement. We would quickly recognize efforts to deceive, manipulate, and exploit.

As we approach the ½ year mark we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves with a new resolution; to secure our independence by staying focused on what we can control. How we filter, analyze, and apply information. This is the only way to break free from the ‘smart people’ seeking to control us.

Take the time to define in detail what you need to do to minimize bias; so you can recognize opportunities to develop a more complete understanding for what you believe you already know.  Improvement will accelerate. You will develop superior awareness to project expectations tightly aligned with events as they occur. View details in high definition, and make precise adjustments securing outcomes desired in everything you do.