How to Win the Future and gain insurmountable advantage

The Opportunity: executive leaders (traders, and investors) are blind to the action they must take to secure profitability and long-term viability.

Cause and Effect(s): higher education, professional development, and organizational training have over-weighted functional instruction at the expense of strengthening foundational behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively.

  • This has created a Learning Gap leaving professionals unprepared to cope with a rate of change accelerating faster than even the most informed can comprehend.
  • HR executives are blind to the Learning Gap they unknowingly helped create. Therefore CEO’s and other most senior executives they advise do not have the ability to accelerate improvement of team members to keep pace with rapidly advancing technology.
  • Behavior shifts from proactive to reactive as professionals are overwhelmed by the ever increasing volume and speed of information and events driven by rapidly advancing technology. Reactive behavior is accelerating their decline. They experience frustration, anxiety, and stress instead of gaining awareness for the root cause debilitating them.

How the future is won: programming developing and supporting unconscious, continuous, and accelerating improvement is put into place to fill the Learning Gap. Leaders who fill the Gap first will position themselves (and their enterprise) to gain insurmountable competitive advantage.

The best solution for filling the Gap: Strengthen behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively by opening the pathway to the brain’s undeveloped potential. This creates the awareness and sensitivity to transition professionals from a linear, natural learning and improvement progression to an exponential development path. Development accelerates and performance improves as existing skill, knowledge, and experience are organized in a manner placing the best of who we can be at our fingertips and releasing it in the blink of an eye. As behaviors strengthen, decisions sling-shot ahead of real-time events and energy amplifies itself to higher magnitudes. Future vision projects further and further ahead of the ever accelerating rate of change and becomes more and more closely aligned with real-time events. Adjustments become effortless and intended outcomes are secured.

Why Filling the Gap is so powerful:

  • Risk for bias in how information is perceived, comprehended, and projected is minimized.
  • Development and performance risk defined by 3 Blind Spots is neutralized:
    • The difference between what we believe we know and the actual depth of our knowledge.
    • How we perceive our behavior and the reality of our conduct.
    • Our inability to know how our behavior is impacting the efforts of others.
  • Individuals and teams are aligned by shared understanding for how improvement and performance are best directed and supported. Alignment causes knowledge to transfer and information to flow most effectively.

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