How To Beat Amazon

Why Amazon is Successful – Long-term Vision

Jeff Bezos recognized the potential of the Internet and the technological development it would inspire and compel. He understood economies of scale and the insurmountable competitive advantages to be realized by selling books on-line. He leveraged knowledge, skill, and experience gained from building out infrastructure to satisfy other retail and commercial needs.

Kindle, Fire Stick, Prime, Amazon Cloud, Alexa, logistics (warehouse, air and ground freight, delivery), robotics, and AI were created to satisfy the functional needs of Amazon and its customers.  Bezos plays the long-game, building out infrastructure to support holistic growth, rather than giving in to the temptation of instant gratification by maximizing quarterly earnings. Trust in his vision strengthened his conviction and generated the energy to persevere.

A Blue Ocean of opportunity nurtured and rewarded the creative and competitive profile of its early workforce. Setting the tone for a highly engaged culture sought out by potential employees and embraced by its workforce. High transparency for Amazon’s agility and commitment to compete on service / convenience, quality, and price attracted and continues to attract essential strategic partners.

Amazon’s Strengths

Amazon’s commitment to its vision; nurturing and rewarding professionals who thrive in a competitive environment; and building out infrastructure manifesting vision and competitive desires.

Capitalized Value underpinned by infrastructure, deep markets, and increasing efficiencies to grow earnings; allows Amazon to fund expansion while maintaining a low debt burden.

Bezos and his management team are in the 40 – 55 years old age range or younger, and are expected to remain active for an extended number of years.

Why Amazon Will Weaken

Sentiment for privacy will strengthen significantly as customers become more aware of how at risk they are for losing their identity and independence to the ever increasing power of machines.

Alexa and other listening / personal assistant devices will go the way of lava lamps and bell bottoms as awareness grows for the need to strengthen cognitive power and increase memory; not repress their development.

On-line retail sites built on Blockchain Technology and accepting crypto currencies to ensure privacy will be sought out. Please note Amazon’s data mining history will present creditability issues should they migrate to Blockchain.

Why Amazon Will Fail

Amazon will be recognized as developer, manufacturer, and promoter of robots and Artificial Intelligence displacing blue and white collar workers.  The consumer will chose not to support its executioner.

Information consumers are quickly becoming sensitive to biased reporting. The bias of Bezos owned Washington Post will cost Amazon a material portion of their customer base.

Amazon’s workforce will burn out as it matures into a bureaucracy; unable to improve fast enough to keep pace with the ever accelerating rate of change. This defect is responsible for the projected life expectancy of a Fortune 500 Company to be less than 15 years and dropping.

How to Position Your Company (or what to look for in a company) to Beat Amazon

  • Understand your vision deeply, and revisit it daily to develop the strong conviction to commit to the long-game. Develop high sensitivity for the temptation of instant gratification.
  • Build a workforce consisting of hearts, minds, souls, and powered by passion; not metal, processors, controllers, and current.
  • Invest in the foundational development of your professionals to build a shared understanding for how to best direct and support improvement and performance.
    • This will align, unify, and integrate individuals and teams so their collective potential is consistently realized and expanded.
      • This will ensure improvement accelerates fast enough to stay ahead of the exponentially increasing rate of change.
    • Build / use Blockchain engineered platforms to protect individual identities from data mining and sharing of personal information.
    • Accept crypto currency payments.

Please note the opportunity to beat Amazon is being created faster than you can comprehend.