Each week I post the performance of the stocks that were given to subscribers the previous Sunday.

Seven of the 10 trades triggered this week, and four were closed out before the bell Friday. This left open trades in Anthem, Pfizer and Yum. Two trades were closed for a loss, 1 for a gain and 1 for break even. An equal weight portfolio gained 0.05% on the week, using 70% of capital beating all 3 indexes soundly. There are no triggers or stops or targets measured in the index ETF performance. Here is this week’s rundown:

The Premium Service does not advocate an equal weight allocation, but uses it as one way to measure performance. Equal Weighted Investment Yield assumes a buy at 1/10 portfolio size for each stock that triggers and accounts for stop loss triggers in the trade plan presented to subscribers (i.e. your performance would be better). If the security is labeled no trigger than our trade plan would not have executed a trade (i.e. you would have had no position).

Equal weight year to date performance is now +11.16%: