How the Stock Market Can Trade 3X Higher

Most Americans are spawn of the Greatest Generation that saved the World, and possess the strength, courage, and passion to accomplish exponentially more than they can imagine. A quiet fire still burns inside despite relentless cultural messaging repressing our instinctive desire to be our best. This messaging has deprived 100’s of millions of U.S. Citizens the dignity secured by responsible conduct.

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honor and respect. Responsible conduct is what makes us worthy. Responsible conduct:

  • Keeps leading us to the work that matters most and preparing us to do it best.
  • Builds the self-trust to think independently so we can unlock the creativity and imagination needed to improve the Human Condition.
  • Makes our good intentions transparent so we earn the trust and support of others.

Here is what happens when higher education, and professional and organizational development focus on providing instruction and tools empowering individuals to self-calibrate for responsible conduct instead of promoting political / social / environmental agendas:

  • Individuals gain tangible understanding for how they are accepting and holding themselves accountable to professional standards and best practices.
    • Tangible understanding is superior to the abstract concept of personal accountability; development and improvement accelerate as sensitivity for effectiveness of interactions with others increases.
  • Foundation of shared understanding for how improvement and performance is best directed and supported aligns individuals and teams to realize their collective potential.
    • Shared understanding causes knowledge to transfer and information to flow most effectively.
  • A Hive Culture emerges as high awareness and strong conviction for knowing who, what, and when to trust replaces distraction and conflict (anxiety, frustration, stress).

The last U.S. Employee Engagement measured by Gallup was 32% and taken on August 6, 2017 . Low engagement is due to a Learning Gap, created by over-weighting functional instruction and political / social / and environmental agendas at the expense of strengthening foundational behaviors causing information to be filtered, processed, and applied most effectively. Investors need to develop sensitivity for engagement / retention rates to gain comprehensive understanding for the C-Suite’s commitment to long-term value creation.

The Stock Market will trade 3X higher (and likely much more) when the C-Suite fills the Learning Gap by empowering its workforce to self-calibrate to behaviors driving unconscious, continuous, and accelerating improvement (responsible conduct). You can experience how the Learning Gap is filled by attending this free training. Click here to learn why performance excellence programs like Baldridge are inefficient and only scratch the improvement surface.