How Psyops Impact Everything You Do

Psyops are engineered to sew self-doubt. Create distraction to diminish our capacity to think independently and engage with others in honest debate.  Preventing us from making good and timely decisions to outperform by anticipating opportunity, the needs of others, identifying risk, and neutralizing it.

Repressing independent thought and honest debate corrupts awareness providing clarity and conviction manifesting in sense of purpose. Compromising our ability to target effort and work in a consistent manner to complete tasks. Inconsistent effort deprives us of feedback validating effectiveness, preparedness; and guiding and compelling improvement.

As we struggle to complete tasks and follow rules. Fail to see and fill gaps in a timely fashion. Erosion of self and cultural trust accelerates. We lose a fraction of our identity and independence each time we hesitate to judge right from wrong. Good from evil. Whether our acts for the acts of others improve the Human Condition or corrupt it. Those fractions add up fast to compromise professional standing.

Psyops sew self-doubt through False Narratives distorting reality. Crafting stories almost plausible yet off just enough to conflict with logic and common sense.  False narratives jam up the Brain as it works through artificial conflict. We become disorientated, confused, and overwhelmed as we struggle to reason through what ‘could be’ and what can be validate as truth. Anxiety, frustration, and stress replace clarity and conviction. Awareness to complete tasks, follow rules, see and fill gaps degrades.

We become ineffective as self-doubt and eroding cultural trust shift behavior from proactive to reactive. We fall behind as reactive behavior causes us to spend more time chasing than staying ahead of events. Psyops (False Narratives) have achieved their objective of disorientating, confusing, and overwhelming us. Our capacity to think independently to develop the awareness to judge is so diminished we are easily deceived, manipulated, and exploited for financial and political gain.

Psyop engineers have deep understanding for the power and construction of trust. Empowering them with the knowledge to block its development and accelerate its erosion.

Psyops are executed through mass communication technologies; and the validation of ‘Trusted Sources’ curated through deception.  Sleeper agents waiting to be activated at critical moments to secure control by endorsing the False Narrative.

Print and broadcast news sources and personalities; entertainment programming and their star celebrities; superstar athletes, coaches, and sports writers; and strategic opposition have all been groomed and secured to play their role when called upon. Thought leaders in academia and industry have also been curated, groomed, and controlled to influence the masses.

Technological advancement has exponentially increased the effectiveness of Psyops (False Narratives). The Internet gave birth to Social Media and migrated email from closed and secure networks to a global open source platform.

4G, increasing Internet speed and capacity 10X to power the Smart Phone, turned every day into Christmas for Psyop engineers. The power of Machine Learning and AI to harvest data, profile, and target an audience gave them the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’.  Cambridge Analytica boasted 5000 – 7000 data points for 84 M U.S. voters ahead of the 2016 election. How many data points on how many U.S. voters do you think will be available to target ‘Persuadables’ in 2020? All the time we thought the Smart Phone had placed near unlimited power at our fingertips; our independence was being stolen from us a little more each day.

Don’t believe me? Think about the time you spent chasing v staying ahead of events over the last 30 days in everything you do. Socially, personally, and professionally. Now express as a ratio chasing : staying ahead. For example 40:60 represents 40% chasing 60% staying ahead.

If you are a leader your ratio should be 20:80 or better. However leaders need to consider what the ratio of team members is likely to be. Value creation is dependent upon the team’s ability to execute. Achieve the high awareness to complete tasks and follow rules most effectively.

The risk for time spent chasing events will increase significantly over the next 18 months as 5G increase Internet speed and capacity 100X over 4G. As volume and speed of information and events impacting social, personal, and professional lives increases exponentially; so will variables and risk gaps will not be recognized and filled in a timely fashion. The power of Machine Learning and AI plugging into the 5G pipe guarantees it.  Risk is also increased by:

  • Individuals and enterprise/organization leaders who believe they are either too busy or too smart to learn how to speed up improvement to keep pace with rapidly advancing technology.
  • Thought leaders in higher education, professional training, and organizational development not having the benefit of long-term immersion in a hyper-dynamic environment to experience the power and consequences of rapidly advancing technology.
    • Hyper-dynamic environments generate large amounts of information and events then compress them into small time frames (seconds) demanding immediate action.
    • The power of Machine Learning and AI to harvest data, profile, and target will transform all aspect of life into a hyper-dynamic environment faster than we can comprehend.
  • The Brain becoming the human choke point. It is the only mechanism capable of integrating the Mind, Heart, and Gut to know who, what, and when to trust; starting with self. Technology cannot replicate this function.
    • The chasing : staying ahead ratio indicates how at risk we are for being overwhelmed in a 4G environment.
      • 5G will increase risk exponentially unless we prepare by increasing Brain Function to accelerate improvement.

Psyops are neutralized when individuals and leaders chose to take back control by realizing they need to develop much better understanding for the power and construction of trust.  As understanding deepens:

  • Tangible understanding for how improvement and performance are best directed and supported is developed.
    • Validation for personal accountability shifts from completing tasks and following rules to developing the high awareness to complete tasks and follow rules most effectively.
  • High awareness to precisely target effort and sensitivity for preparedness to direct self-improvement is secured.
  • Improvement accelerates to keep pace with rapidly advancing technology as untapped potential is accessed, realized, and amplified.
  • Distraction and conflict are replaced with knowledge transfer and information flow.
  • Identity and independence are secured from the ever increasing power of machines as the Mind is structured to develop and support High Intuitive Function (HIF).
    • HIF increases Brain Function

HIF optimizes decision-making and execution by developing superior awareness projecting expectations tightly aligned with events as they occur. Variance is minimize. Details are viewed in high definition. Precise adjustments secure outcomes desired.

Structuring the Mind for HIF organizes accumulated skill, knowledge, and experience to access, realize, and amplify untapped potential.  HIF places the best of who we can be at our fingertips and releases it in the blink of an eye.

Elements of psychology, sociology, and neuro science are integrated and applied through the lens of practical experience to develop and support High Intuitive Function; and defeat Psyops robbing us of our independence little by little every day.

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