How Do You Like Them AAPL’s?

On April 23rd, I wrote a piece called, “Can Apple Bring the Market to One Love?”

I ended the piece with “Therefore, an influencer like APPL, should it run after earnings, will help the market sing, Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright.”

The Jamaican references come from our recent trip.

So, here once again, is a photo of fruit vendors in Negril.

The Jamaican apple is quite different than the ones grown in the U.S.

They are deep red, almost purple, and on the tart side.

Yet, tart or sweet, apples do not fall from their trees. And AAPLWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up, the company, certainly proves that it has not fallen far from the market tree.

Or, we could say that the market tree has kept a close eye on its AAPLWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up.

Given that all the resistance areas mentioned lately were pierced today, and AAPLWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up trades on new all-time highs, is there anything that can stop the market now?

We still believe that stagflation is a real concern for the next quarter and beyond.

For now though, the market fruit vendors are pushing apples while they are still ripe.

The Russell 2000 (IWM) had to clear 158 after coming in with an inside day.

It did.

And Transportation (IYT) had to clear 188.10 to put it in an unconfirmed bullish phase.

It did.

IYT continues to serve as a reliable indicator for the perception of the US economy. With rising oil prices, today’s action in IYT is more sweet than tart.

Semiconductors, cleared 102 improving the picture for technology in the near-term. That set some of our faves in motion—CREE, NVDAWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up, and MUWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up.

So, why am I still concerned?

Here’s a tweet for you:

“TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is now involved in at least six major first-rank international disputes:
* Iran nuclear sanctions
* North Korea nuclear programme
* China trade war
* EU/Japan et al steel tariffs
* NAFTA re-negotiations
* Russia sanctions”

Thus far, the price action has shrugged off everything that would normally put it into a tailspin.

My guess is because these “disputes” are still mainly talk.

Even rising oil prices, stagnant wages, firming rates and dollar have done little to impact the markets negatively.

Which is why you must continue to applaud APPL, but also watch IWM and IYT.

In IWM 160.63 is the all-time high. Close but yet so far.

And in IYT, the all-time high at 206.73 is so far away.

When it comes to the relative strength in IWM, it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

That means IWM has to clear the highs and IYT has to clear 195-196.

Should either falter from here, commodities are still super cheap.

S&P 500 (SPY) 268 now pivotal support we want to see hold for the best-case scenario. Unconfirmed bullish phase as well

Russell 2000 (IWM) 160.63 all -time high. 158 pivotal support which if fails, would give bears a low risk opportunity to short against the highs.

Dow (DIA) 245 pivotal area and an unconfirmed bullish phase

Nasdaq (QQQ) 167 now pivotal support to hold if good