Home health care worker sentenced for selling stolen items

By Times Leader

A Nanticoke woman was sentenced Thursday in Luzerne County Court on allegations she sold sterling silver utensils, food platters and jewelry stolen from a home in Dallas.

But it was how the woman got caught: Having the same last name as a suspect in a Nanticoke homicide.

Dallas police in February charged Kristin L. Spudis, 37, of Enterprise Street, with theft and receiving stolen property in connection to numerous pieces of sterling silver table settings from a home on Orchard Street in Newberry Estates during 2017.

Kristin Spudis was hired to care for an elderly man who lived in the home until his death in November.

When the man’s wife noticed expensive table settings and jewelry were stolen, she called police on Dec. 4.

Later that month, the man’s wife learned Anthony Spudis was charged for the brutal killing of 98-year-old Gertrude Price in Nanticoke in 2013.

She remembered one of the health care workers that cared for her husband has the last name of Spudis, which she also told police.

“She was watching the news and heard about the man arrested for homicide in Nanticoke by the name of Spudis. She told me one of the health care workers she employed was named Kristin Spudis,” according to the criminal complaint.

Police checked the precious metals database and discovered Kristin Spudis sold sterling silver spoons, forks, cups, bowls and trays, and the man’s 1942 high school graduation ring, Masonic pins and other jewelry at pawn shops in the area in June 2017 and October.

Under a plea deal with the Luzerne County district attorney’s office on May 11, Kristin Spudis pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. A theft charge was withdrawn.

Judge David W. Lupas sentenced Kristin Spudis to 6 months to 23 months in prison, and ordered her to pay $14,105.37 in restitution.

The Precious Metals Database keeps track of precious metals sold at pawn shops, which are mandated to list items they buy from customers.

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