‘High Intuitive Function – the Most Important What’s Next for 2018!

Intuitive function is the unconscious application of creativity and imagination integrating skill, knowledge, and experience in a manner causing us to realize and expand our potential. All professionals perform intuitively to some degree. The most effective consistently outperform by achieving higher intuitive states. This is how they develop superior cognitive awareness to see and do before others.

Intuitive function is proactive behavior driving our evolution. Instinctive behavior is reactive; it is coded into our DNA to keep us safe. As the rate of change accelerates we become more at risk of being overwhelmed than empowered. Behavior shifts from proactive to reactive as self-preservation, instead of improvement, becomes our focus. We fall behind further and faster.

To appreciate how fast the rate of change is accelerating, consider how volatile the news cycle has become; or how often your decisions are reacting to the day’s events instead of staying ahead of them.

Let’s illustrate the speed of change by assigning a value of 1 Unit to represent the collective power of technology and information in the Year 2000. Applying Moore’s Law1
yields the following progression: Year 2016: 256 Units; Year 2018; 512 Units; Year 2020: 1024 Units; Year 2022: 2048 Units. This acceleration requires us to exponentially improve our decision-making process every 2 years.

Has your process doubled in efficiency since January 1, 2016? How will you double it again by 2020?

The best thing leaders can do for themselves and their team is learn how to develop and support High Intuitive Function (HIF). For more details go to www.theotherai.com/perfect.html or email r.burchett@theotherai.com . Do not make the mistake of believing change will wait for you to catch up.