Hide in Emerging Markets for Summer Vaca?

We are on the verge of turning the calendar to August. otherwise known as vacation season. After camps for the kids from June through July there is never anything scheduled in August. Think it is a regional thing? When I worked for a French bank there was not a single senior banker in the office the entire month of August. So with everyone on vacation what should you do with your portfolio? Maybe it is time to give it a vacation in the tropics as well.

Emerging Markets finally reversed after a 6 month move to the downside. Following a January high they slowly moved lower to the long term support/resistance line. They fell below at the middle of June and then seem to have bottomed. They started to move higher crossing the 20 day SMA and now holding at the 50 day SMA. They are also at the edge of the support/resistance zone. And what is happening with the US markets? They are dropping.

Momentum is building. The RSI is rising at the edge of the bullish zone. The MACD is rising as well and about to cross to positive. The Bollinger Bands are also running to the upside. All of these are positive for not only a hold of value but further upside. So maybe it is time to send your portfolio on vacation this summer to somewhere tropical.