Hidden Consequences of Rapidly Advancing Technology

If you invest in stocks then this article provides unique perspective for assessing value. You will be made aware of the biggest threat to enterprise competitiveness, and the best action a public company can take to secure and extend competitive advantage. Develop the ability to assess how effectively talent is managed and risk taking becomes significantly more intelligent.

Since the late 1990’s, when the power of the PC was supercharged by the Internet, the volume and speed of information and events has been increasing exponentially. While access to information has increased proportionally, so has control over content and presentation.

News consumption is much more targeted and frequent. Increasing opportunity for both positive and negative outcomes.

Machine Learning and Ai deliver the power to capture and analyze all on-line activity and every keystroke; then profile a user to target their needs, discern their beliefs; and in China, measure their value to the government.

The risk of being disorientated, confused, and overwhelmed by False Narratives designed to deceive, manipulate, and exploit their audience is significant and increasing. The temptation of financial and political gain is given into more often than resisted.

Change is accelerating faster than even the most informed can comprehend. This acceleration is causing our social, personal, and professional lives to be spent chasing instead of staying ahead of events. Cultural messaging promotes greater dependence on technology to keep up; when we really need to improve how our brain works independently to organize, access, target, realize, and amplify individual and collective potential. Such improvement requires new knowledge. Not new technology.

The good news is behavior driven by the obligations of CEO’s and senior executives, secures the high awareness needed to stay ahead of events. Protecting them from becoming overwhelmed. The bad news is increasing demands on their time; blinds them to why their workforce is at significant risk of falling behind at an accelerating rate.

Surely the power of technology should have defeated low engagement and poor culture by now.

By over-weighting functional instruction, at the expense of strengthening behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively; higher education, professional development, and organizational training have left professionals without the knowledge needed to accelerate improvement. The combination of ever increasing volume and speed of information and events; and power of machines and Ai to profile, target, deceive, manipulate, and exploit. Points to frequent task overload and much higher stress levels. Outlook for the well-being of team members is grim.

Now for some really good news. The knowledge professionals need to transition from an incremental to exponential rate of improvement has been discovered and developed for large scale deployment. An organization, of any size, can quickly build the structure needed to organize, access, target, realize, and amplify individual and collective potential.  Please note this knowledge does not involve exercises or games increasing the neuroplasticity of the brain to speed up and improve application of existing capabilities; it develops new and superior capabilities at an accelerating rate.

Deployment makes leadership’s commitment to the professional and personal well-being of team-members tangible. The high transparency created builds the strong culture recruiting, engagement, and retention are dependent upon. Application of this knowledge:

  • Aligns individuals and teams to shared understanding for how to best direct and support improvement and performance.
  • Makes a professional’s commitment to value creation easily discerned.
  • Replaces distraction and conflict with knowledge transfer and information flow.
  • Manifests in strong conviction for who, what, and when to trust; starting with self, to drive unconscious, continuous, and accelerating improvement.

The structure created by this knowledge:

  • Minimizes risk for bias in how information is perceived, comprehended, and projected.
  • Neutralizes development and performance risk defined by 3 Blind Spots:
    • The difference between what we believe we know and the actual depth of our knowledge,
    • How we perceive our behavior and the reality of our conduct.
    • Our inability to know how our behavior impacts the efforts of others.
  • Develops superior awareness to project expectations tightly aligned with events as they occur.
    • Details are viewed in high definition.
    • Precise adjustments securing outcomes desired are made.

The knowledge to transition professionals from an incremental to an exponential rate of improvement was discovered through long-term immersion in a hyper-dynamic environment. Hyper-dynamic environments compress a large volume of information and events into small timeframes. High Intuitive Function is required to make decisions fast enough to compete. Assimilation of beliefs and behaviors best developing and supporting High Intuitive Function, builds the structure organizing, accessing, targeting, realizing, and amplifying individual and collective potential.

Assimilation of this knowledge develops tangible understanding for how improvement and performance are best directed and supported. Tangible understanding is superior to the abstract concept of personal accountability and why significant benefits are realized in a short period of time, and sustained.

Now for the hard part! Organizations are already stretching to keep up. Much time, talent, and treasure has been invested to improve engagement and culture without achieving outcomes desired. So why now and again? Because this knowledge:

  • Underpins existing policies, programs, and practices by causing them to be better understood and appreciated.
    • This causes them to be consistently applied as intended.
      • Consistent application earns the feedback directing and compelling continuous improvement.
    • Improvement is comprehensive.
      • Getting to better information, analyzing it faster, and making more out of it makes professionals better at everything they do in their professional, social, and personal lives.
    • Forgotten Absolute Performance Truths are returned to top of mind.
      • High awareness securing the independence and well-being of humankind, from the ever increasing power of machines, is achieved and sustained.

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Talent (Human Context) selecting, modifying, tasking, analyzing, and fine-tuning application of technology is the key to value creation. Machines and Ai should never be thought of as anything more than powerful tools.  If we give them the power to decide for us, then humankind has signed its own death warrant.