Hey Network News (and Google, Facebook & Twitter) You Ended Yourselves!

The media’s job is to make sure the Sun shines; not to generate toxic pollution blocking it out.

When was the last time the media was responsible for a block buster story creating awareness for the Greater Good?

Coordinated reporting, by aligned media interests, works to shape public perception. Most recently by promoting a narrative suggesting the NRA is responsible school shootings instead of documented failure by local, county, and federal agencies to enforce the law. Let’s not forget the shameful manipulation of students to support their NRA narrative.

Political control, power, and financial gain are aligned media’s motivation. Not the Greater Good.

Instead of reporting on all the Superfund Sites that remain ticking time bombs they focus on championing Climate Change a rebranding of Global Warming after massive temperature data fraud was exposed.

Instead of reporting on the ability of Blockchain Technology to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Voter Fraud they are committed to the narrative of an inept Administration in chaos.

Instead of reporting on teachers unions protecting inferior instead of demanding high performance from its members, they champion those committed to destroying the family and protections for the unborn.

Instead of exposing the root cause for extremism and hatred the aligned media protects it.

Google and Facebook have been caught manipulating search to favor one political agenda over another. Now, along with Twitter silencing opposing views by branding them as hate speech.

Aligned media telling itself it has the power to control things it can’t (a higher approval rating for our current President at the same point in office than the previous President’s despite over 90% negative reporting); and knows things it does not (what really matters to U.S. Citizens) is walking itself into the Crematorium. Good riddance.