Hey, the Groundhog has an offer you can ‘t refuse–on a portfolio that made 53% in 2017

I just finished my performance report on my Volatility Portfolio of stocks, options, and ETFs, and for the first year of its operation the portfolio was up 53%.

In honor of Groundhog’s Day I’m offering a 20% discount on my JubakAM.com site, the home of this portfolio. You should have received a limited time discount offer in your email today.

If you’d like to read my report on the portfolio’s performance, I’ve posted it as a Free Sample Post oil the JubakAM.com site. All you have to do is go to the site–and if you aren’t a subscriber you’ll be sent to the page where you can read that post.

I hope you’ll subscribe, however. That way you can follow this portfolio as I rebalance it for 2018 in the next few days. And read my advice on what to do about the sinking Treasury market.

If you can’t find that email offer I’m posting the beginning with the links to the discount offer below.

My limited time Groundhog’s Day offer gets you a year’s subscription to my JubakAM.com site and my Volatility Portfolio that returned 53% in 2017 while loaded with downside hedges. Yes, that’s right! This portfolio beat the S&P 500 in 2017 by better than 2 for 1 and still included hedges in things like gold and oil and coffee that would have paid off if the market plunged.

As a special Groundhog’s Day offer you can get this subscription for just $159 for your first year. That’s a 20% discount from my regular $199 price.

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Why such a limited time? Because I’m in the process of rebalancing this portfolio for 2018. So if you subscribe now, you can get in on my picks for the year ahead at the time I’m making those picks. (Of course, I’ll update this portfolio with buys and sells during the year as market conditions shift.) Subscribe now and your portfolio will be set up for the year ahead!