Gunbattle at Trump’s Florida Golf Club, attacker injured

FLORIDA, U.S. – In an incident that took place at the Trump National Doral Golf Club in Florida on Friday, police officers exchanged gunfire with a gunman and shot and injured him.

Officials said that they had received a report about an active gunman at the resort west of Miami and upon reaching the spot they shot and wounded a man who exchanged gunfire with them.

The man is said to have ranted about U.S. President Donald Trump while holding a large American flag.

He walked into the lobby and laid down the flag on the main counter after which he began firing rounds.

Officials said that the man then waited in the lobby for the police to arrive before luring them into a gunfight.

He was then shot in the marble-floored lobby of the club’s hotel, which is owned by the Trump Organization and was struck several times in the lower body.

Juan Perez, the director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, said, “What officers did today was nothing short of heroic. They did not hesitate one second to engage an individual who was actively shooting in the lobby of the hotel.”

The police added that the suspect was “yelling information about President Trump and had an American flag draped over the counter.”

He added that the man’s motive was not immediately clear.

The Miami-Dade Police Department said that the gunman was taken into custody and has now been hospitalized but his condition remains unclear.

The police later said that one officer received minor injuries but said that his injuries were not from being shot.

The Doral Police Dept. tweeted that there was “no further threat,” and said, “DPD responded to a shots fired call at the Trump National Golf Resort. Subject is in custody. No known Victims at this point. CP with media area at the parking lot of Carolina Ale house. More info to follow. Again, no known Victims at this time. No further threat.”

The Miami-Dade Police Department added that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was investigating the shooting involving police.

Police confirmed that no workers at the resort or patrons were injured but that a Doral cop hurt his wrist.

After the shooting, the President&#39s son, Eric Trump, tweeted his appreciation to the police departments who dealt with the shootout.

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