Great Moves In The GBP Across The Complex In The London Forex Session

Only one currency in focus in the London forex session this morning, and that was the British pound ahead of the BOE meeting and statement later from Governor Carney. And the currency certainly delivered with some excellent trading opportunities across the currency complex in particular for the GBP/CAD and the GBP/CHF.

The starting point as always is the currency strength indicator and the currency matrix, and in this session, Anna shows you how to create your own currency matrix, and then the advantages of using the currency matrix developed by Quantum Trading to achieve the same results quickly using the indicator.

The GBP/CAD delivered an excellent trend higher with the bullish sentiment rippling through the timeframes from the fastest to the slowest before volatility was then triggered on the 30-minute timeframe and signaling congestion ahead or a possible reversal. From the GBP/CAD on NinjaTrader we moved to the GBP/CHF with a very strong trend higher and at the top of the currency matrix.