Government Corruption and Media Bias Impact on Investing

All things in the Public Square either add to or take away trust.

Capitalism is the monetization of trust.

Consistent application of the law and objective (unbiased) reporting secure the foundation of and guard the Public Square.

The market roiled and now sits stagnant due to the investing public becoming wise to the depth and aggressiveness of government corruption and biased reporting.

Public trust may not be on life-support; however its condition is being downgraded daily as the extent of corruption and manipulation by government and press becomes better understood.

We would do well reminding ourselves the sacred honor of those to be remembered this Memorial Day was not earned to protect betrayal by government officials, reporters and their editors.

Let us pray often ahead of, throughout, and beyond this hallowed weekend that elected, government agency, and media leaders will find the humility and decency to earn back the public trust. To rebuild the integrity of the Public Square.  To provide the full transparency the Greater Good requires.