GOP pair ‘debase all that’s good in (U.S.)’

By Crossroads Chronicle


Donald Trump is a liar. There’s no nice way to say it, no euphemism to cover Trump’s habitual looseness with the truth. What Trump does is not spin. It is not mere dissembling. It is not disingenuous evasion. No, what the president of the United States does is lie.

Honed over a lifetime as a real estate developer, a career that has included multiple bankruptcies and often left his investors, his partners and his contractors holding the bag, Mr. Trump’s tactics are to say whatever suits his purpose or inflates his ego at any particular moment. Then, like a toddler caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he offers bald-faced denials, excuses and evasions to escape responsibility or accountability.

It is both ironic and distressing that those who support Trump find his act not only tolerable but entertaining and effective. Ironic because those who call themselves conservatives have, for years, railed against moral relativism – the idea that truth is a moving target subject to circumstances, a means to an end. Distressing because many people of faith count themselves as supporters of Trump in spite of or maybe because of his willingness to say things they wish to hear. Trump gives his supporters license to recast the world as they believe it should be. He gives them permission to enclose themselves in an epistemic bubble of fantasy that denies both objective reality and any semblance of basic human decency.

Mark Meadows is one of Trump’s most avid supporters. He claims the mantle of a conservative, but there is nothing conservative about a trillion-dollar tax cut that increases the deficit Mr. Meadows has cried crocodile tears over. There is nothing conservative about leading the charge for billionaires. There is nothing conservative about not only looking the other way but actively supporting the ongoing corruption of an administration that seems most intent upon filling the pockets of the president, his relatives, and numerous cabinet members. There is nothing conservative in impeding investigations into foreign interference in our elections. There is certainly nothing conservative in taking from the least among us to line the pockets of those who have the most.

No, Mr. Meadows, like the president whose bidding he does, is a reactionary. He abandons his constituents in the service of the aristocracy. He supports an administration that drags the name of America through the mud in pursuit of autocratic and inhumane policies.

Trump, Meadows and all those who support them characterize what they do as “winning.” Scripture asks, “What would it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?” But what of those whose behavior denies the existence of a soul?

Trump’s pretensions of greatness are a false idol that debases all that is good in America. Enough. Let’s begin by denying Mark Meadows another term.

Mark Jamison Cullowhee

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