Good versus Evil

Good seeks to empower.

Evil seeks to control.

The Aligned Media and Progressive leadership continues to prove themselves to be pure Evil. Instead of i) apologizing for grossly misleading their audiences ii) influencing the 2018 Mid-terms through engineered misinformation and iii) compromising negotiations with North Korea they double down by engineering new false narratives.

After 2 + years of set ups; and as what Nancy Pelosi proudly refers to as ‘the wrap up smear’, Robert Muller reported no Collusion by President Trump nor his Campaign Team.

What about OBSTRUCTION! Though Muller did not offer a conclusion on Obstruction there was no evidence to support after exhaustive investigation. If there was Obstruction, then it would be in efforts to expose the ‘wrap up smear’ engineered by the Obama Administration. Yes full details are coming. Be careful what you wish for.

The Evil of the Aligned Media is validated with each broadcast’s lack of objectivity, propriety, and anything resembling rational thought. Instead of limiting discussion to fact and reason. Hearsay and speculation from ‘unknown sources’ drive a narrative promoting and protecting Globalists while destroying Defenders of Liberty. Hopefully Evil’s audiences will have the good sense to wake up and no longer allow themselves to be played.

The good news is there are some liberal reporters like Glenn Greenwald, who have maintained their sense of propriety. However they have been blackballed because they refuse to lie to America.

On-line media has been just as Evil. Accomplishing their objective to deceive, manipulate, and control by shadow banning, censorship, and rigged search.

Good seeks to empower. Any objective assessment of Trump policy and actions reveals that each of his efforts have empowered Americans; 1) Tax Cut and Jobs Act 2) fairer trade bringing back manufacturing  3) regulation claw back resulting in energy independence 4) foreign policy destroying ISIS, bringing North Korea to heel, exposing Iran for the threat that it is, stabilizing Syria, pulling the leavers of Peace in the Middle East, moving towards Peace in Afghanistan, and leading the removal of Maduro and restoration of democracy in Venezuela 5) zero tolerance for pedophiles and sex slavers 6) war on gangs and drug cartels 7) Right to Try, pulling back the curtain on price fixing by Big Pharma, and removing competitive barriers in health care insurance markets 8) enforcement of Immigration Law and promotion of immigration reform to protect the most vulnerable Americans.

Leaders in Italy, Brazil, Austria, and soon France; favoring empowerment over control have or will be elected. May, Macron, and Merkel are sinking into their graves. The EU is exposed for the Evil it sowed.

The more Evil is exposed the higher markets will go.  Stay patient.  There is nothing more powerful than the truth. Good triumphing over Evil guarantees it will be revealed.