Good Manners and the Silent Majority

The Silent Majority possesses the good manners to refrain from engaging with those committed to bad behavior. They trust law enforcement and elected officials to maintain order; and protect individual and property rights. Berkley and Portland are disappointing exceptions to otherwise responsible leadership and enforcement.

Bad behavior is the acting out of frustration spawned by indefensible positions; irrational beliefs corrupting the human condition.

Good manners are the manifestation of rational beliefs; logical thinking validated by efforts improving the human condition.

Good manners attract. This is why the Silent Majority is growing and strengthening; protecting its members from the bad behavior of corrupt elected officials, appointed proxies, the Aligned Media, and individuals lacking awareness for the Greater Good.

Evil, by exposing itself in greater detail with each passing day, has turned the Silent Majority into an overwhelming force just in time for the mid-term elections.  The Silent Majority knows there is nothing more powerful than the Truth.