God Bless Lara Logan

CBS News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan cast a huge Ray of Hope for fairness by acknowledging the Aligned Media to be propagandists for the Left and the Democratic Party.

The bias of the Aligned Media has been out in the open for years. However it is so pervasive: ABC, CBS, NBC NPR, Washington Post. New York Times, Google (You Tube), Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and countless other back bench publications like the Huffington Post and Atlantic parroting each other  that folks who do not have a professional need to discern the truth on policy, political, and social trends have zero awareness for how they are constantly deceived, manipulated, and exploited by ‘reliable sources’.

Print and ‘talking heads’ wrapped up in a pretty bow all protecting your ‘best interests’. When they have been creating chaos by design to overwhelm you then earn your gratitude for storing things out, and telling you what to think and do.

93% negative reporting on President Trump when delivering the strongest economy since the mid 90’s, lowest unemployment for minorities ever, and working to extricate us from decades of foreign conflict would be damning evidence for most rational thinkers. Blatant manipulation of sample size skewing polling results would be another. However the silent majority is quickly becoming the ignorant majority; or voting fraud has become more extreme than thought.

Today, Bernie Sanders called President Trump, “the most dangerous President in history.” To who Bernie? Pedophiles? Human Traffickers? Drug Cartels? MS13? China? Russia? Venezuela?  Cuba? Those who corrupted the DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Department, IRS, NSA, and ODNI? NATO Allies who do not want to fulfill their funding obligations? Trading partners who believe Fair Trade means the U.S. keeps being played for a sucker? Burrowed bureaucrats actively working against the best interests of the U.S. Taxpayer? Bernie please tell us who the President threatens.

If Trump is ‘the most dangerous President in history’ then why have Brazil, Italy, and Austria elected men who they believe will lead like him? Why do the Yellow Vests is France want their own Trump? Note Macron is so underwater in polling he has zero chance of reelection. Sweden would give a major organ to have a ‘Trump’ leading them right now.

BTW if Trump is ‘the most dangerous President in history’ then imagine how catastrophic a sociopath like Elizabeth Warren would be. Or those easily deceived by the most obvious of hoaxes (Covington H.S. and Jussie Smollett) Corey Booker, Kamila Harris, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and lets not forget the ‘Big Brains’ on the View and hosting essential late night programming.

God Bless Lara Logan for opening the eyes of those who still wish to see.