Global Market Briefing – Putting The Puzzle Together

Socialist Democrats losing big in Austria last week to Nationalist – Populists continues the move away from centralized power of the EU. Australia, Guatemala, and Italy are other recent examples. Socialist Democrats also were crushed by Nationalist – Populist in Germany’s EU Parliament elections. Voters in Canada are poised to do the same this month when they throw out Trudeau. Nationalism – Populism continues to swell in France. Voter support for Brexit’s completion continues to strengthen in the U.K. The people of Hong Kong continue to seize this moment to secure their own independence.

U.S. economic turnaround fueled by a commitment to fairer trade agreements, achievement of energy independence and now world leading exporter of energy, and the Tax Cut and Jobs Act have shown EU member states the way forward. They realize the key to economic growth is governing free from EU interference. The U.S. walking away from the Paris Accord, TPP, and the Iran Deal have all lead to greater transparency for the corruption by elite leadership fleecing the people they have promised to serve the best interests of.

U.S. confronting China on trade has exposed and triggered its decline.

The U.S. Economy is underpinned in a way no other nation can match and will come out even stronger once the trade rebalancing we are working through is completed. This is what China knows and fears. They also know the U.S. will share its trade monitoring tools, securing compliance, with its allies.

Shift away from Socialism to Nationalism – Populists is accelerating and creating the transparency compelling intelligent risk which drives sustainable growth.

The next boost to transparency is happening now as the final act of the Russia Hoax plays out here in the U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell is on the verge of getting all charges dropped against General Flynn by exposing prosecutorial fraud and misconduct. Tom Fintton and Judicial Watch continue to gain more and more support in Federal Court for compliance with their FOIA requests revealing the complicity of the State Department in the Russia Hoax. DOJ Inspector General Horowitz has submitted his FISA report to AG Barr for review and release. AG Barr, just returned from Italy with Federal Prosecutor John Durham, giving the appearance that he is close to completing his due diligence for release of Horowitz’s FISA Report.

The declassification triggered by the release of Horowitz’s report will allow for 2018 information requests by Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes, and current Senate Judiciary Chairman Senator Graham in 2019 to be fulfilled. Release of the FISA report will also trigger unredacted release of Inspector General Horovitz’s June 2018 Report on the Hillary Clinton Email Investigation and the Clinton Foundation. This will allow for the unsealing of indictments secured by Huber and Durham.

Impeachment charges are coming under greater scrutiny each passing day. I expect its shelf-life is about to expire.  My belief is it was engineered to get ahead of the declassification. Big takeaway is unprecedented transparency is emerging on a global scale. Yes the depth of corruption will be disheartening. However clarity for and commitment to the way forward will quickly overcome it. October will be volatile as declassification plays out. Count on the Sun shining like never before.