Glenn Thrush, New York Times Reporter, Accused of Sexual Misbehavior

The New York Times said on Monday that it was suspending Glenn Thrush, one of its most prominent reporters, after he was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior.

The move came after the website Vox published a report containing allegations that Mr. Thrush, who joined The Times to cover the Trump administration in January, had acted inappropriately toward women. Mr. Thrush was a reporter at Politico before coming to The Times.

“The behavior attributed to Glenn in this Vox story is very concerning and not in keeping with the standards and values of The New York Times,” The Times said in a statement on Monday. “We intend to fully investigate and while we do, Glenn will be suspended.”

The Times also said Mr. Thrush had said he planned to enter a substance abuse program and that the newspaper supported his decision.

Mr. Thrush could not immediately be reached for comment.

Mr. Thrush’s byline has been among the most recognizable at this year at The Times, where he was one of six reporters covering the White House and President Trump full time. He was writing a book for Random House about Mr. Trump with Maggie Haberman, another White House reporter for The Times and a former colleague of his at Politico.

Mr. Thrush became so well known that he was portrayed several times on “Saturday Night Live” as a foil to Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary. The actor Bobby Moynihan portrayed Mr. Thrush, while Mr. Spicer was played by the actress Melissa McCarthy, who won an Emmy Award.

Before joining The Times, Mr. Thrush was the chief political correspondent at Politico and a senior staff writer for Politico Magazine. He has also worked at Newsday.