Future Risk (Not Having A Plan For The Unknown)

As the rate of change accelerates, what we don’t know increases exponentially.

How are you protecting your professional standing, business, and those you care about most from the devastating consequences of not improving fast enough to keep up?

What is your plan?

Are you relying on news sources whose bias is revealed more each day? Political and social positioning making you dependent on the favor of others? Will you withdraw and isolate yourself? Or will you learn how to accelerate improvement fast enough to remain relevant?

New knowledge, methods, and tools are required. Job hopping, poor retention, anxiety, frustration, and high stress expose the shortfalls and ineffectiveness of professional development; and efforts to improve engagement and culture.

Collaboration with professional associates, co-workers, friends, and family will play an essential role. Social networking facilitates collaboration. However when it is used for personal, professional, or political positioning instead of fostering honest debate; we fall further behind.

Clean networks ask questions. They do not parrot talking points. Questions are the product of independent thinkers whose curiosity is active and targeted on relevant issues. Curiosity unlocks creativity and fosters the collaboration leading to answers.

Strengthening your Cognitive Power is the first step towards neutralizing Future Risk. Start by firing up your curiosity. Learning how to develop and support High Intuitive Function is the key to igniting it.