From the Trade Desk

Tech names were taking a beating earlier, but most have rebounded back off the lows. In fact, most are looking really bullish during this selloff. Now I am unsure if the markets will rebound back with the new round of tariffs going into effect at midnight tonight. I do know there has been a lot of inflow in momentum tech names and TTD is one of them. They sold off pretty aggressively very early in the trading session. Coming off a huge beat and a raised guidance, this is usually a recipe for a huge rally (reference ROKU for example today). Instead, TTD slammed and dumped a huge amount. It did find support at the swing low, but it was interesting to see how fast and extreme the sell-off was early. However, technicals played a role and people found great value in TTD. Now it is not to say the stock will rebound back to where it started today. I will say there was a great opportunity to find value in a name that had positive fundamental news. TTD trading above $220 in a few weeks is not out of the question. If the markets rally back soon, TTD could be above that level by the end of next week. Keep TTD on your radar in the near term.