Forex Swing Trade Follow Up

Forex Swing Trade Follow up post

About eleven days ago, I posted some current forex swing trade examples that were either setting up or already in progress.

I thought I would give you an update, beginning with our custom GBPJPY Counter Punch Trader 4 hour chart and tradeplan.

This special forex swing trade has been winning over 85% of its trades for the past 10 years, using a rolling look back.  That means that it looks back 10 years from each new current day.

The above trade just finished earlier today.  Next up is the USDCHF.  Last week I showed a long trade that was setting up.  That trade cancelled and instead, a short trade triggered.  You can see the example below.  This trade is still going.

The USDCHF Forex Swing Trade plan got short instead of long

  • Short at 1.0106
  • Stop at 1.0247
  • T1; 1.0045 = 91 pips
  • T2; .9959 = 147 pips
  • T3; .9904 = 202 pips
  • Trail the remainder

New Trade; Long the Forex Swing Trade; EURJPY

  • Long at 123.94
  • Stop at 121.97
  • T1; 125.40
  • T2; 126.23
  • T3; 127.06
  • If the price gets about 90% of the way to T1, we’ll over our stop to Break Even and begin trailing the Balance Line.