Foreign Policy Scorecard For Investors

This Administration’s foreign policy has lifted the rotting log to expose generations of insider relationships structured to favor and protect the privileged class. Enrichment achieved through leveraging and deleveraging of orchestrated conflict, drug trade, and human trafficking to satisfy both sex and medical demand. The blood, sweat, and tears of the working class financed it all.

Despite what the aligned media reports, the insiders are being neutralized. The infrastructure financing Evil is being destroyed. The Masters of Corruption are being ignored as this Administration bypasses the U.N. and EU by engaging decision-makers directly. Communications are clear; this is what is wrong, this is why, this is what needs to be done to fix it, this is how we will work with you to solve the problem and create a stronger relationship directly benefiting the working class. Direct benefit to the working class is the key to restoring balance, achieving sustainable growth, and creating the harmony ensuring Peace.

This is what is happening in North Korea. The same will happen quickly with Iran and the Middle East. China and Russia are aggressively supporting the process so they can benefit from increased trade with both the U.S.; and North Korea and Iran as they restructure to value based economies.

The EU is being eaten alive by parasitic insiders. They have been exposed and diagnosed as the World’s cancer. The same thing is happening to their elected and bureaucratic co-conspirators within U.S. agencies and corporations. The extremely toxic aftermath created by this dismantling makes it unlikely their spawn will fill the void.  Evil is overwhelmed. Their complete disregard for the human condition has blinded them to the power of the human spirit and universal desire to do good.

Over last Thursday’s and Friday’s trading sessions the ES has regained a very strong technical position by closing and printing a candle body back above the Top of its Daily Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Cloud. The trailing Chikou has broken out above the Top of the Daily Cloud as well. The ES continues to move higher as I write. All this has happed while the aligned media has been projecting dire consequences for the end of the Iran Agreement; not to mention the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Evil is being dismantled. Peace is breaking out. The human potential is being set free. Long-term value creation is being chosen over instant gratification. Hope is smothering fear.

Investing will always require great patience and thoughtfulness. There will always be winners and losers as resources work their way to the most efficient application. However success will become more frequent and profound as balance is restored and harmony spreads and deepens.