F&O Stocks Supply & Demand levels

I would like to share with all of You Work Mr Raja He has made the supply demand Sheet for All F&O Stock and wanted me to share with readers on of the site. You can download the sheet by Clicking on this Link.I would like to Thank MR Raja for his selfless service to trading community.How to use it:-This sheet was prepared based on purely based on price action (Price supply/ Demand zones including Gap area) on Daily/Weekly/ monthly time frame on price charts. This sheet was prepared and these levels were taken purely based on Price supply/ Demand levels without using any Automatic software. Ex:- Nifty currently at 10730 levels. If it goes up. Next Res area.. 10770-10820, 10850-10880/10900-10950/ and if it’s fallen. Sup area.. 10700/10650-10600/10550.. etc  based on historical price action where price touched multiple times..Pivot 1- Starts from All time HighPivot 15-20 (Last Pivot in excel table) – All time Low.Adani Port Stock All time High-  450
All time Low-              105   (As on 4th Jan 2019)These levels taken as on till 4th January 2019 and as long as Price trade b/w these levels , these levels can be used as sup/ Res levels.These are Price cluster zones means where Prie has imp level b/w these zones.Ex:- Nifty Res. 10770-10820, 10900-10950 10650-10600This is not complete holy grail and we need to use this sup/ Res levels along with other TA concepts Disclaimer:-All these views and concepts mentioned above merely for educational purposes and are not recommendations or tips offered to any person(s) with respect to the purchase or sale of the stocks / futures. I do not accept any liability/loss/profit occurring from the if you trade use of these levels.

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