Executing Your Plan

In sports competition the team that makes the most plays wins.

At the professional level, all competitors have the necessary balance of size, strength, speed, skill, and smarts (Knowledge and Competency). The differentiator is seeing and doing before others.

Gretzky, Aaron, Jordan, and Montana (and now Brady) did not physically dominate. They are GOATs (Greatest of All Time) because of their ability to best anticipate and take advantage of competitive opportunity. The same can be said for Turing, Tesla, Einstein, Walton, Buffet, Gates, Ellison (Minor & Oates), Jobs, Wozniack, Theil, Bezos, Page, Brin, Oprah, and Murdoch.

There are plenty of smart people. The ones who succeed have figured out how to best direct and support improvement and performance. High awareness and strong conviction are the keys to achieving the outcome you desire.

Were you taught how to achieve high awareness and build strong conviction in high school or college? How many professional or organizational trainings have taught you how to see and do before others?

A massive Learning Gap is keeping all of us from significantly higher levels of achievement. Academic, professional, and organizational development have over-weighted functional instruction at the expense of strengthening foundational behaviors causing information to be filtered, processed, and applied most effectively. Filling this Gap will get you to better information, empower you to analyze it faster, and make more out of it.

The Gap is filled by strengthening your Cognitive Process.  Unfortunately we are much more likely to rely on machines than our brain. When we use our brain to filter, process, and apply information; imagination and curiosity integrate skill, knowledge, and experience in a manner machines will never be able to approach.

If you are ready to find out how much more you are capable of and how achievable it is, then take the time to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeJjmF95yFU . You will take away clear understanding for the factors blocking execution (achieving the outcomes you desire), and how to overcome them.