What Every Investor, Trader, GM, AD, Coach, Player, And Parent, Needs To Know

I hope you are enjoying March Madness. All the speculation around the NFL Draft. The excitement of Opening Day, as the promise of your favorite team or player stands    at the doorstep of another season. Anticipating The Masters (my favorite sporting event); start of the NHL Playoffs with the NBA not far behind. Or maybe it’s the next NASCAR Race or the Kentucky Derby kicking off the Triple Crown.

Spring has definitely sprung for the sports fan!

However, what continues to amaze me is that GMs, ADs, Coaches, Players, Parents, Investors and Traders do not recognize the Ultimate Differentiator in sports and in the markets. If they did then developing and supporting High Intuitive Function would be their top priority.

Gretzky, Aaron, Jordan, and Montana (and now Brady) did not become GOATS (Greatest of All Time) because of their ability to physically dominate their opponents.  They consistently outperformed by competing at higher intuitive states. This is how they developed superior awareness to see and do before others. High Intuitive Function empowered Gretzky to best anticipate the open ice. Aaron, pitch and location. Jordan the flow. Montana and Brady where and when a receiver would break open.  Consistently achieving High Intuitive Function empowered them to make the most plays!

Imagine the improvement and advantages to be gained by a GM or AD for their organization/program by embedding the power of High Intuitive Function. The power a coach would gain by knowing how to best develop and support High Intuitive Function in their players. The advantage a player would gain by knowing how to do this for themselves. Or the fulfillment experienced as a parent imparting this knowledge and wisdom to prepare and protect their child. Imagine the advantage to be gained by a trader/investor knowing how to best anticipate and take advantage of price movement.

Unfortunately, due to an unintentional learning gap created by higher education, professional development, and organizational training professionals struggle in their efforts to explain the basic difference between intuitive function and instinctive behavior.

Fill this Gap! Learning how to develop and support High Intuitive Function will earn you the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time.  You will learn how to best direct and support improvement and performance. You will evolve at an accelerated rate and gain significant if not insurmountable competitive advantage.