How Elite Professionals Outperform

Elite professionals develop superior cognitive awareness leading to better information, faster analysis, and highly efficient execution. Their Process eliminates distraction and conflict while causing information to flow to them.

High Personal Intelligence (not IQ) directs and supports their evolution; and optimizes decision-making to keep them ahead of real-time events.

Personal Intelligence refers to our ability to look after our own improvement and performance. Unfortunately higher education, professional, and trader/investor development do not address behaviors essential to the analytical, execution, feedback, evaluation, improvement Process. Instead, the behaviors needed to build and strengthen Personal Intelligence are unintentionally repressed.

Think of your Process as a Success Engine. A strong Process:

– Minimizes the risk for bias in how you perceive, comprehend, and project information.
– Neutralizes development and performance risk defined by the 3 Blind Spots:

  • The difference between what you believe you know and the actual depth of your
  • How you perceive your behavior and the reality of your conduct.
  • You’re in ability to know how your behavior impacts the efforts of others.

– Strengthens, promotes, and protects independent thought to:

  • Unlock your creativity.
     Creativity makes us attractive to each other to foster collaboration.
     Collaboration ignites cognitive awareness.
  • Provide clarity (strong conviction) for the information most relevant to your objectives.
     Strong conviction (certain of purpose, confident in ability, committed to the task
    at hand) generates the energy you need to persevere.

If you are staying ahead of the day’s events instead of chasing them, then your Process is strong. For investors / traders; decision-making remains ahead of price movement.

Learning how to develop and support High Intuitive Function best develops and supports the behaviors essential to a strong analytical, execution, feedback, evaluation, and improvement Process.

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