Donald Trump has kept his promises

To The News Observer,

Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, was and is a gift from God.

The Clinton and FBI plans to stop Trump with all of their lies went wrong, and all of the people involved with trying to destroy Trump should be locked up. Starting a much needed cleanup of our government emails hurt more than helped. Ask Hilary Clinton. If she were president now would we not be headed into national bankruptcy?

The very idea of open borders is plain stupid. We should have built a wall a hundred years ago. We should round all of the illegals up and send them back to Mexico. They broke the law.

What would you do if a family of illegals came up your driveway and forced themselves into your home, and you had to support them because you look weak and the laws that are in our Constitution are not real? Think about 2020 before you vote. New home construction is at a new high since 2007. Economy is booming. Trump has kept his promise to America.

How can the Democratic party complain about separating children from their parents when they support abortion? Abortion separates a child from their parents, dead and gone forever. Hillary Clinton has quoted the Bible saying be good to the illegals that have broken the law by crossing the border. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Which side are you on?

Clifton R. Deal Sr.

Mineral Bluff

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