Disorientate, Confuse, and Overwhelm

Information controls; and the product of communication.

The Political Class profits and thrives through deception, manipulation, and exploitation. Their power begins and ends with their ability to engineer false narratives designed to disorientate, confuse, and overwhelm. This is how they control the electorate to achieve their objectives.

False Narratives:

  • Obama Care, if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor; plus a downward arc for healthcare costs will be triggered.
  • Global Warming, when revealed as a hoax, needed to be repackaged as Climate Change. Those who demand quantitative evidence factoring in the effects of the Sun (1.3 million planets the size of Earth can fit inside the Sun) are smeared as deniers for applying logic. Ask yourself why China, the country doing the greatest measurable damage to the environment, is not called out. Follow the money.
  • Russia Collusion was designed to protect the Political Class from the threat of Trump Policies and Executive Orders neutralizing their power.

Ask yourself who profited the most from these False Narratives?

If you have the time, take a deep dive on the root cause of the Housing Bubble triggering the Great Recession in 2008. You will find the fingerprints of the Political Class all over it; and understand the massive financial gains they reaped. Look at non-enforcement of the Community Reinvestment Act and threats by the DOJ against small banks for meeting compliance standards by verifying citizenship and income. Then look at Sarbanes-Oxley Marked to Market Rules, treating long -term assets (the underlying instrument of Mortgaged Backed Securities) as short-term assets. This was the straw that broke the Camel’s back. Interesting to note this flaw was corrected in the Spring of 2009. Why didn’t they make the adjustment when the Red Flags were waving in the Spring of 2008?

Please develop your own filters. Understand the great majority of mainstream communication is promoting a false narrative so you are easily controlled.  Do you really believe it is acceptable for a man to use a woman’s bathroom? That we do not have a moral obligation to protect the innocent and defenseless in the womb from unspeakable acts?

Ask yourself why there is not a Federal Law making it illegal to advance a child from one grade to the next unless they can read and do the math at their current level.  Or why isn’t there a Federal Law mandating holistic remedies be presented side by side with AMA treatment protocols with simple explanation of pro’s and con’s, including cost. Or why there isn’t a 100% verifiable audit trail guaranteeing the integrity of the Vote.  Or why secure boarders protecting against illicit drugs, criminals, human trafficking, eroding wages, and safety of our most vulnerable citizens are evil.

Trust yourselves people! Let common sense be your guide. Not Political Correctness. Why would anyone listen to folks who can’t do the math, lack the sense of propriety to tell the truth, protect life, care more about gender identity than the safety of women and children, and who favor illegal aliens over the well-being of the working class?