Disney’s New Streaming Service Is Nothing But Positive.

Disney has been a big name in the news lately. The company has received some love from analysts in anticipation of the new streaming service and movie pipelines. That is a HUGE factor that everyone knows about and talks about, but I still feel DIS is undervalued. Now I understand their HUGE flop with ESPN and other subscription services, but this is way different in my opinion. We are talking about parents and fans alike. We are also talking about a very cheap subscription which can be had in conjunction with having a Netflix subscription. Meaning, people can afford to have both and not think twice about it. That is why I am bullish on DIS. They are not asking you to pile in a lot of cash for their sports model on cable tv. They are asking for less than what Netflix charges you a month. I suspect that people will pile into Disney’s subscription service and the stock will remain bullish through the next quarter. If the numbers are better than expected, expect the stock to continue the strong run it has been on lately.