Department of State bureau’s ‘Family Travel Hacks’ Facebook Live Q&A did not go well

June 19–The U.S. Department of State’s bureau of Consular Affairs held a shockingly tone-deaf question and answer session on “Family Travel Hacks” for summer vacation planning Tuesday while thousands of migrant children wail in agony over being separated from their parents under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Two representatives from the agency offered tips on procuring passports for young children efficiently and cost effectively — and noted that applicants are allowed to smile, and that babies can have their eyes closed for passport pictures.

Social media users who tuned in to the Facebook Live event mocked its hosts by referring to the thousands of migrant children who remain separated from their parents in detention centers.

“OH! By ‘Family Travel Hacks’ you mean hack families apart. Got it,” Christopher Scott wrote on Facebook.

“I can’t find any of your child detention facilities on Trip Advisor. Can you let me know which ones have the highest detainee satisfaction ratings?” Barry Burciul asked.

Mateo Vargas also wrote in with a critical question.

“Hi, I just wanted to ask if the US government had measures in place to return the children they kidnap to their families?” he asked.

Heart-wrenching audio released Monday reveals what inconsolable children who have been taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border sound like inside a detention facility.

As the children cry for their parents, an adult man responds, “We have an orchestra here. What’s missing is a conductor.'”

Another Facebook user asked the Department of State Tuesday for tips on consoling the detained children.

“What type of tea would you suggest travelers give their children to better ensure they won’t go hoarse while screaming for their parents after being ripped away at the border?” wrote Colby Kalus.

The passport agency reps dodged the questions and instead discussed how to replace lost or stolen passports, and where to find information about acceptance facilities and passport renewal fees.

The Department of Homeland Security said last week that 1,995 children were separated from their parents between April 19 and May 31 of this year.

Trump however has repeatedly shunned responsibility and falsely blamed Democrats for the inhumane policy.

“Democrats can fix their forced family breakup at the Border by working with Republicans on new legislation, for a change!” he said in an early morning tweet last week.

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