Defending The Status Quo Is Suicide

We either stay ahead of change or get run over by it.

China is reported to have taken the lead in building out G5 technology (higher capacity and faster wireless network) to gain the communication high ground. G5 is essential for IoT (Internet of Things). Bureaucracy is responsible for the U.S. lagging. Bureaucrats block change because it compromises their power. So do occupants of the C-Suite.

The life-expectancy for a Fortune 500 Company is 15 years and dropping. Defending the Status Quo is suicide and a betrayal of all those trusting the C-Suite with their good work. Elected officials and bureaucrats betray taxpayers in the same way.

Think about how often you are prompted to upgrade your OS, Flash, Java, or anti spyware. Technology is getting better and faster at an accelerating pace. Are local, state, and federal agencies doing the same? Is your employer? Are you? When was the last time you upgraded your Cognitive Process (human operating system)?

The Consequences of Moore’s Law is doubling the speed and power of technology and information every 2 years. This means the brain needs to filter, process, and apply twice the information twice as fast in 2018 as it did in 2016 to keep pace. We need to learn how to drastically accelerate improvement of our Cognitive Process.

Anxiety and frustration (stress) is the product of chasing the day instead of making good decisions fast enough to stay ahead of it. That faint hum in the background is the sound of machines sucking out our identity and independence as we fall further behind.